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How To Do Puff Hairstyles

You Will Need

A Comb
Bobby Pins / A Tiny Clutch
Hair Spray

step 1

Detangle your hair using a comb. For volume, blowout.

step 2

Take a little bit of front hair and pull it back. Your face shape determines your width. Take a larger portion for a wider pouf if you have an oval face.

If you have a round face, pluck a smaller section of hair. Your eyebrows might also divide your pouf.

step 3

As indicated, roll the segment. Rolling it 2-3 times is ideal, but rolling it more than 3 times may make it too tight. The rolling keeps the pouf intact and improves its shape.

step 4

Use the roll to puff up the front hair. The pouf's height is up to you. To raise the pouf, push harder. Make sure your hair doesn't get untidy.

step 5

Use a tiny clutch or bobby pin to secure the pouf. If you're wearing the puff with waves or a bouffant, spraying it helps. It's hard to find the right wedding hairstyle.

It's simple, quick, and goes with anything modern or retro. What are you waiting for now that you know how to create a puff hairdo at home?

Let your imagination run wild with hairstyles. You could try. It looks hard but isn't.

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