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How To Do Ombre Nails Like A Pro

What You Need

Base coat (clear nail polish)
White nail polish
Nude or flesh-toned nail polish
Liquid latex tape

Nail polish remover
A small brush or a Q-tip
Disposable makeup sponge
Top coat

step 1: Apply Base Coat

Begin with well manicured nails. Allow your nails to dry after applying the base coat to preserve them.

step 2: flesh-toned nail polish

Allow two coats of a flesh-toned or nude nail polish to dry.

step 3: Liquid Latex Tape The Cuticles

Wrap your nails in liquid latex tape. It shields the skin from the filth and simply pulls off. Allow it to dry before proceeding to the next step.

step 4: White Nail Polish on Sponge

Apply a large quantity of white nail paint to the disposable sponge's tip.

step 5: Apply Flesh-Toned Nail Polish to Sponge

To achieve a gradient look, apply a sufficient layer of nude or flesh-toned nail paint beneath the sponge tip.

step 6: Sponge The Nail

Dab the white nail paint onto your nails while holding the sponge so that the white nail polish is at the tip.

step 7: Steps 5–6 Again

To get the required color intensity, layer additional nail paint on the sponge and stamp it over your nails. Allow it to dry before proceeding to the next step.

step 8: Remove Liquid Latex Tape

Remove the liquid latex tape with your fingers or a brush.

step 9: Top Coat

Use the top coat to smooth out any texture and make your nails shine.

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