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How To Do Light Makeup

Things Required

Tinted moisturizer/foundation
Concealer (optional)

Lipstick/Lip Gloss
Makeup brushes/sponge

1. For Face

Before wearing makeup, skin care is essential. Apply sunscreen after moisturizing. Makeup lasts longer with a primer. It bases cosmetics.

After cleansing, apply foundation from the middle of your face. For an even complexion, use a stippling brush or sponge to

blend it outwards in a circular motion for light coverage or dabbing for additional coverage. If required, concealer. Skip concealer if foundation covers enough.

2. For Cheeks

Use a soft blush brush to apply blush on your cheeks. As indicated in the image, blend it over your cheekbones upward near the temples.

When applying colors, start with one coat then layer it for intensity. Bronzer gives a sun-kissed effect.

3. For Eyes

Eyes first. Use eye primer and powder before concealer. This prevents creases and prolongs eye makeup. Choose an eyeshadow color.

Pat the eyelid with a flat or fluffy brush after loading the product. Blend it circularly toward the crease. To ensure naturalness, I used one shade.

4. For Lips

Scrub your lips to eliminate dry, chapped skin for a smooth base. After moisturizing, apply lipstick. Choose a complementary nude pink or brown colour.

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