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How To Do Halo Eye Makeup

What You Need

Eyeshadow palette
Eyeshadow brushes
Brow pencil
False eyelashes or mascara
Gel eyeliner

Step 1: Preparation  Away

Cleansing, toning, and moisturizing make a huge impact. Prime your face and eyelids to keep your makeup on all day. Conceal and powder dark under-eye circles.

Step 2: Make The Crease

Pack eyeshadow into the crease using a long-haired, fluffy blending brush. Move the brush from outside to inner corner of your eye. Blend for a smoky appearance.

Step 3: Go To The Outside Corners

Blend dark eyeshadow into your outer corner. Keep shadow low for under-eye coverage. To smooth eyeshadow lines, use a clean brush.

Step 4: It is now time for the inner corners

Apply the same eyeshadow to your inner corners using a pencil brush. It should be as black as the outer corners.

Step 5: Make The Halo

Apply glitter or metallic makeup to the middle of your eyelids with a tiny eyeshadow brush. A wet brush prevents spillage and improves eyeshadow quality.

Step 6: The Finishing Touches

Gel eyeliner may be applied sparingly with a little angled brush. Wear falsies for a richer look.

Remember your brows! The halo eye affects different eyes, like most eye makeup looks.

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