How To Do Baby Face Makeup?

Moisturize your face first. Dewy but matte is ideal. Apply concealer to aged areas. Conceal blemishes, acne, and cheek puffiness. Blend concealer with face.


You use foundation in all cosmetics. Not this one. Dot your foundation where it's needed to avoid a cakey appearance. Finger-mix it.


Powder keeps makeup in place and gives a matte finish. It perfectly hides freckles. Apply powder along your jawline and forehead to avoid dulling the base's shine.


Bronzer and blush cannot capture babies' pinkish and lavender cheeks. Lavender blush can convey its essence. You may also apply a pink tint, lotion, or blush using your fingertips.


Dot lavender blush on your cheekbones if you can. Brush the blush from the center to the ear. You should hardly blush. You'd look like an asphyxiated blue infant.

Babies seldom have straight, narrow brows. For Baby Face makeup, a bushy brow is also undesirable. To fluff thin, well-kept eyebrows, apply mascara.


To thicken eyebrows, draw around them with the same pencil. Use an eyebrow comb to shape thick eyebrows. The eyebrow arch in Baby Face makeup should not be excessively lengthy or straight.

Baby Face makeup does not employ eyeliner since kids rarely have strong eyelashes. Eyeshadow may revive weary eyelids.


Use natural eyeshadow that matches your skin. Pink shimmer eyeshadow makes the face lovely. For eyelids. Blend small brown eyeshadow dots beneath the eye.

Just a coat of Baby Lips will do if you hydrate frequently. If you habitually skip moisturizing, exfoliate the flaky skin first. Lip color your cleaned lips pink or orange.

Baby Lips

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