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How To Do Almond Eyes Makeup

What You Need

Eye primer
Eyeshadow palette
Eyeshadow brush
Eyelash curler
Nude kohl liner

Step 1: Prepare Your Eyes

On clean eyelids, apply eye primer. It holds color and extends the life of eye makeup.

Step 2: Apply A Light Eyeshadow

Use a light eyeshadow to even out your eyelids. This approach will give depth to your eyes by highlighting their almond shape.

Make use of any neutral color from your palette.

Step 3: Make a sideways V-shape toward the corners

Contour with a darker shade. On the top lash line and crease, create a sideways V-shape. This will make your eyes longer and more refined.

Try a another color—you may mix it with a brush or remove it with a Q-tip. Nothing is good or terrible.

Step 4: Highlight Your Eye Corners

Apply a dark shimmer color to the outer corner of your eye. This will draw attention to and exoticize your almond eyes.

Apply makeup only to the outer corners of your eyes to accentuate them.

Step 5: Finish With Mascara

Apply two layers of mascara. After curling the lashes, apply mascara to the outer lashes. This makes your eyes appear wide-eyed and open.

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