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How To Create Flawless Cloud Skin Makeup Look


One shining product and matte makeup is one of the easiest beauty trends to follow.

Use a glowing primer to prepare. Its pearls blur imperfections and give your base a delicate glow. It instantly moisturizes and helps makeup last all day.


Our first makeup product for the base starts the fun. Cloud skin emphasizes transparency.

No thick, cakey, or layered makeup. Since it covers everything, dotting it on the afflicted region gives you clear, even skin. 


This look is all about velvety texture, like many high fashion makeup trends. But not too dewy. So a matte, weightless, sheer foundation is excellent.

Its mousse-like texture can be built up for maximum coverage. It mixes smoothly for a soft, blurring finish that lasts all day


Creamy blushes provide color to your face. It will illuminate your face without becoming glossy like a highlighter. Blend some on your cheeks.

The hazy, matte effect requires a natural finish. To stay on trend with the colorful Y2K looks making a reappearance, place a spot of blush on the tip of your nose and smooth it out. 


Finish with matte lipstick. This lip mousse enhances lips with a light and airy finish, great for this look. It delivers strong color in one stroke.

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