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How To Bleach Your Hair At Home

Step 1

Blow-dry your hair first if it is moist. After detangling, begin sectioning your hair.

Step 2

Use vaseline to protect your skin from bleach contact. Gather your materials before you begin.

Step 3

The instructions for the lightener and developer should be followed. The majority of bleach products contain two parts developer to one part lightener.

Precise measurements are required for this hair coloring. In a basin, use the brush to mix the product.

Step 4

It's submission time! Bleach your hair one section at a time. Apply the solution to your hair. Work from the tips to the roots. These methods bleach more quickly and arrive last.

To avoid a hot base, apply them away from your scalp. Wrap each portion in foil or clean plastic wrap.

Step 5

Allow at least 15 minutes for the bleach to sit on your hair. Spray some water from a spray bottle to examine the color of your hair. You should not bleach your hair for more than 45 minutes.

Step 6

Rinse your hair with water to remove the bleach. By tilting your head back and flipping, you can avoid getting product in your eyes.

Don't use conditioner if you're toning your hair. Wait at least 24 hours before shampooing.

Step 7

Allow hair to air dry after towel drying. Don't blow dry it after bleaching. Hair damage is a possibility.

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