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How To Beat The Heat Of Summer With Long Hair

Avoid heat styling

Don't use heat styling tools on long hair in the summer to keep it from getting damaged. Air-dry or braid.

Wear a hat

A sports cap or one with a wide top can help protect your hair from the sun. It also gives you shade to keep your head cool. 

Stay hydrated

Water is very important for hair and skin. Drink 8 glasses of water every day to stay hydrated. 


Use the pool or the shower to cool off. This hydrates hair.

Use a deep conditioner

Deep treating your hair every two weeks keeps it healthy and fresh during the summer. Find a deep conditioner for your hair type.

Apply hair oil

Apply a gentle hair oil to your head and hair to seal in moisture and protect against heat.

Use hair masks

Use a hair mask to treat your hair deeply. This will make your hair soft.

Tie back your hair

In hot weather, use an open scrunchie or headband to pull your hair back. This takes your hair off of your neck and keeps it cool.

Embrace air-drying

When you let your hair dry in the air, it stays cool. Use a leave-in conditioner or a lotion that defines curls to avoid frizz.

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