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How To Be Confident If You Have Social Anxiety

Stop Thinking People Judge You

They judge you, but so do you. We all do that silently. What is a first impression? Your initial impression of someone's look, demeanor, and words.

Since we are ethically evolved, we seldom judge each other. It scans and perceives our surroundings.

Understand that people care more about how you see them than how they see you

Believe it or not, most people care more about how they seem in your eyes than how you look in theirs.

Take yourself as an example: you worry about social insecurity. I worried about how my brother saw me.

They care. In social circumstances, other individuals are more concerned with how they seem, and you come second. We are self-centered by nature.

Charisma Practice

Even the sharpest lady can't be recognized until she exhibits her expertise.

If you've ever been to a party with a lot of people, you've definitely met that one special individual who wasn't good-looking, affluent, or smart,

but his stories were compelling. It's charm. The person's inner world and self-image determine it. It shows if you constantly think badly about yourself.

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