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How To Apply Nail Extensions Perfectly?

Acrylic Nails Extensions

Acrylic nails are made by combining liquid monomer and powder polymer to form a hard protective covering that is moulded over the natural nail.

When these nails are exposed to air, they harden. Before applying acrylic mix to the nail, an artificial tip is applied.

The nail extensions are then sculpted and buffed for a lustrous finish.

Gel Nails Extensions

Gel is a softer consistency than acrylic that is placed to the natural nail bed or on top of

an artificial nail extension to strengthen the nail and promote lengthy nail development naturally.

It differs from acrylic in that no mixing is necessary, and the nails must be cured in a UV lamp to create robust gel extensions.

Fiberglass Or Silk Nail Extensions

This procedure entails cutting bits of fiberglass or silk to fit the nail bed or tip, then cementing them in place using resin or adhesive.

These are the three forms of nail extensions that may be done to gain longer nails, but

they all require the assistance of a skilled artist slash nail technician as well as a competent nail salon.

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