How To Apply Nail Decals Perfectly

A glass of water
Fast-drying top coat
Full nail water slide stickers/decals

Things Required

To begin, grab the decal that corresponds to the size of your nail and cut it if necessary.

Step 1

Now, grab the decals and use the tweezers to carefully submerge them in the water in the glass.

Step 2

Take it out after a few seconds, and it will detach itself from its backing on its own.

Step 3

Now place the decal on your nail and push the pieces down so that they conform to the contour of the decal.

Step 4

Cut off the excess, and then use the emery board that was included in the package to sand down and smooth off the decal

Step 5

After the glue has had some time to take effect, you can continue on to the subsequent step.

Applying a top coat that dries quickly brings the project to a successful conclusion. However, one thing that you should keep in mind is that you should work on one nail at a time.

Step 6

Also, be careful not to move around too much or you can end up getting the substance on your clothes or other belongings.

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