How To Apply Liquid Foundation

Liquid foundation
Foundation brush

what you need

Wash your face with a cleanser to eliminate grime and oil that dulls your skin. Towel-dry your face.

Step 1: Use a cleanser to clean your face

Moisturizer is essential for oily or dry skin. It moisturizes and glows your skin. Stepping outside requires sunscreen. Proceed after five minutes.

Step 2: Use a Moisturizer

Two pumps of primer will blur pores and smooth your foundation. Apply primer to your forehead, mouth, and blurred areas with your fingers.

Step 3: Make Use Of A Primer

Dot your face with liquid foundation. Cover the chin, mouth, and pigmented areas.

Step 4: Apply Foundation to Your Face

Use two pumps of setting spray to dampen a flat-top stippling or Kabuki foundation brush. Wipe off the excess and stamp the foundation over your face, neck, and ears.

Step 5: Stamp and Damp

Dampen your sponge/beauty blender and bounce it over your face to blend the foundation, absorb up excess, and even out brush strokes.

Step 6: Using A Damp Sponge, Blend

Optional step. Concealer can help balance out hyperpigmentation and acne scars. Pat a few spots and merge the edges with your fingers.

Step 7: Make Use Of A Concealer

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