How To Apply Lipstick Without Lip Liner

It will be much simpler for you to apply your lip color if you have a brush available to use.

If you have a lip brush, use it

When applying lip color, you should look for a brush that is long and has a pointed tip.

When you draw with a brush, you have a great deal of control over the line that you create.

When opposed to a lip liner, a brush gives you the ability to create lines that are more even and straight.

When applying red lipstick, lip brushes are especially helpful since you could decide without using a lip liner. If you don't have a brush on hand, you can use a cotton swab instead.

Apply a modest, uniform amount of color to your brush or cotton swab. Too much lipstick will make it seem sloppy.

Brush or wipe your lip color's tip

If you're using liquid lipstick, dip your brush or cotton swab into the tube.

The pointed end of the lipstick may be used to line your lips.

Use lipstick without a brush

If your lipstick has become flat and no longer has a pointed end, you should apply it with a brush or cotton swab.

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