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How To Apply Lipstick On Slimmer Lips Perfectly?

Things You Need

Lip Liner
Lip Brush
Lip Gloss (optional)

step #1

Examine your lips before applying lipstick. Determine whether your top or lower lip is slimmer. Prime or condition your lips after studying your lip shape.

This produces a smooth foundation for easy application. Begin with a lip pencil for precise control and lip shaping. Make sure your lip pencil is sharp.

Step #2

First, line the bow. Draw a line over the lip peak and gently curve it to the corners. In this tutorial, I'm going to overdraw the model's lip.

Draw tiny lines to make your lips appear larger.

Step #3

Do the bottom lip after the upper lip. Make a lip line from the corners to the center. Draw the line using short, rapid strokes.

Because I overdrawn the upper lip, I'll keep the lower lip contour to maintain balance. Lip pencil should be applied to the entire lip.

Step #4

Lipstick is applied more precisely with a lip brush. Fill in the lips with rapid brush strokes and evenly smooth the lipstick.

Finally, apply concealer to the corners and borders of the lips. This defines and neatens the lips.

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