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How To Apply Lip Gloss Perfectly Step By Step

Things You Need

1. Lip Scrub
2. Lip Balm/Lip Conditioner
3. Lip Liner
4. Lipstick
5. Lip plumper gloss

Step 1: Prepping Your Lips

Scrub your lips before preparation if they're dry or cracked. Lip scrub for two to three minutes. Wash it. Lip primers give the perfect basis for lip color.

Step 2: Make Your Lips Soft

To remove dryness, apply a lip balm, oil, or conditioner. Softens lips. Apply lip balm for one to two minutes.

Step 3: Blot The Excess Lip Balm

After applying lip balm, blot with a tissue. This reduces lipstick bleeding and simplifies product application.

Step 4: Draw Line With Lip Pencil

Assess your lip contour. Apply a lip pencil of your choosing from the middle of the top lip to the corners, following the natural lip line.

Repeat on the lower lip. Filling the lip with the same lip pencil acts as a basis and helps the lip color last longer. See image.

Step 5: Apply Lipstick

Fill the lips with lipstick using small strokes and a lip brush. Applying lipstick using a brush improves precision. I used bold red lipstick here.

Step 6: Apply Lip Gloss

Apply lip gloss from the center and drag the sponge or applicator along the lips. Apply gloss below the lip line.

Blot extra lip gloss on a tissue. Prevents color bleeding. Finally, add some lip shimmer, tint, or stain for color, moisture, and shine.

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