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How To Apply Cream Foundation?

Things You  Need

Cream Foundation
Foundation Brush/Makeup Sponge

step 1: Toning, cleansing, and moisturizing

Clean skin provides an even background and a clean canvas. Consistently cleanse, tone, and moisturize.

This is crucial for healthy, supple skin. Before starting Step 2, let the moisturizer absorb for 3–4 minutes.

step 2: Apply Face Primer

Prime your face regardless of skin type. Primers are cosmetics bases. It connects makeup with skincare. This process prolongs makeup. Apply primer using fingers or a brush.

step 3: Sponge Cream Foundation

Apply cream foundation with a sponge or brush. Load a sponge with product and mix it outward from the middle of the face.

Strokes and techniques are crucial to smoothness. Apply foundation by dabbing or patting. Blend it well to balance out your complexion. Apply layer-by-layer for desired coverage.

step 4: Brush Blending Cream Foundation

Brushes work well with cream foundation. Start at the center of the face, blend to the cheekbones, and finish on the forehead.

Stippling or circular strokes work. Synthetic dual fibre brushes work ideal for cream foundation. Sigma and Real Techniques brushes are good.

step 5: Apply Loose Powder

Finish with loose or translucent powder. Setting sprays also prolong makeup.

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