How To Apply Concealer As Foundation

Pick a concealer that comes in a form that you prefer, whether that be a cream or a liquid.

Step 1

Be sure to have at least two shades: one that is the same color as your skin, and another that may be used to highlight certain features of your face.

Make use of a stippling brush because these brushes do not pick up an excessive amount of product, and you do not want the face to appear cakey and made-up.

Step 2

Put it in your concealer, then begin applying it beginning with the region beneath your eyes.

Step 3

At this point, you are hiding as well as layering over your foundation at the same time.

Always make sure that you have an even distribution of product and color across your face, and then completely blend it out.

Step 4

After you have finished this step, take a small amount of dusting powder and apply it with a brush to all of the appropriate places

Step 5

After you have completed your base, you may finish off your look by applying additional products such as blush or bronzer.

Step 6

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