How To Apply Compact Perfectly

Pressed/loose compact powder
A powder brush
A sponge applicator

You Will Need

Wash your face and put some lotion on it. Use makeup on your face. It makes makeup last longer and looks more even.

Step 1: Cleansing And Moisturizing

Use makeup around your lips, under your eyes, and on any spots that aren't the right color. Use foundation and mix it well.

Step 2: Create a Dab Foundation

Use compact powder after concealer and makeup. If you use a two-in-one powder and foundation that can be worn alone or on top of makeup, put it on right after the prep or after the foundation.

Use a sponge to cover your whole face with a compact powder that matches your skin tone.Tap and dab the product on the face before using the sponge to blend it in.

Step 3: Use a Sponge to Apply Compact

This process covers skin and makes it look better. You can put on compact powder with a soft powder brush. Fill the brush with powder, then shake off any extra.

Start in the middle of your face. To apply, use long pressing and broad strokes. Mix it all over your face and neck.

Use fine powder on the neck and other areas that can be seen. If not, your face might not match the rest of your body.

Step 4: Apply It All Over Your Face

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