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How To Apply Compact Like A Pro

You Will Need

Pressed/loose compact powder
A powder brush
A sponge applicator

step 1: Cleaning and moisturizing

Cleanse and moisturize your face. Apply facial primer. It prolongs makeup and evens it out.

step 2: Dab Foundation

Use concealer around the mouth, beneath the eyes, and on discolored regions. Apply and mix foundation. After concealer and foundation, apply compact powder.

If you use a powder plus makeup (two-in-one product) that can be worn alone or over makeup, use it immediately after the primer or after the foundation.

step 3: Sponge Compact

Use a sponge to apply a compact powder in your skin tone. Dab and pat the product onto the skin before blending with the sponge.

This procedure covers and perfects skin.

step 4: Cover Your Face

Apply compact powder to the neck and other visible regions. Otherwise, it would look dewy and uneven, unlike your face.

Contour, highlighter, blush, and bronzer can follow. If you have oily skin, finish with a setting spray or translucent powder.

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