How To Apply Blush On A Round Face

Use blush only on the tiniest space between your brows and your hairline. This will give the forehead a more streamlined appearance.

Step #1

Swipe very lightly in two or three strokes down the sides of the cheek apples, starting near the mouth and moving up to the point near the ear.

Step #2

Blush not only shapes the cheeks but also draws attention to the nose. Apply the blush brush in a single straight line along the sides of the nose.

Step #3

A round face is characterized by the roundness of the chin. Chiselling of the chin area is thus required. Follow the blushing instructions below.

Step #4

One delicate swipe of the blush should be applied to the one-inch space at the two sides of the chin. Don't go overboard with the blush. Use whatever remains on the brush.

Step #5

For a round face, the final contour lining should look like this.

Step #6

This is entirely optional, but if you want a rosy flush to the cheek apples, choose a blush shade lighter than the

Step #7

one you're using on the contours and apply a round brush of this blush to the cheek apples.

Also, if you have a slightly elongated or oval face shape, use the color pigment on your cheekbones rather than your apples to produce a lifted appearance.

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