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How To Apply Blush Like A Pro

After bronzer, blush

When and how you apply blush are equally important. Apply foundation and concealer after prepping your skin.

The bronzer comes next. Puts on blush after bronzer so that "the blush doesn't overpower the face."

For harmonizing makeup, stick to a color family

I'll use a delicate pink or lilac blush if I'm wearing cooler eye and lip colors. I'll use peachy or coral blush if I'm wearing warm eye and lip colors.

Personalize finishes

Shades that are matte or shimmery? Finishes are determined by personal preference and skin type.

If you like dewy foundations, try a blush with a subtle shimmer. Try matte blush if you prefer matte foundation.

Blush and full-coverage foundation are friends

Foundation would most likely mask the natural shine that most of us have around our cheeks.

The simplest way to restore color and warmth is to include blush in your makeup routine.

Layering extends wear

Do you want your blush to last? Layering is critical. For best results, use cream blush first, followed by powder blush. This is the setting powder for blush.

This will lock in the pigments and finish, making your blush seem just as beautiful at 11 p.m. as it did at 8 a.m.

Fake a post-vacation glow

Apply blush on the bridge of the nose and the inner cheeks for a sun-kissed look.

Because here is where the light generally reaches you, it gives you a sun-kissed effect without UV rays.

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