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How To Apply Blue Eyeliner?

Step 1:

If you've been following my writings, you know the first step is always hydrating and grooming your eye brows. Never forget your eyebrows when doing eye makeup.

Step 2:

Choose pencil, gel, or liquid blue eyeliner.  Just lightly trace your eyes. If you're attempting blue eyeliner for the first time, choose a deeper hue as Indian eyes prefer darker colors.

Step 3:

Draw the rim with a thin inner corner and a thick outer corner. Apply close to the lashes.

Step 4:

Draw a faint black eyeliner line under the blue, near to the lash line. This will hide peeking skin and soften your blue eyeliner.

Step 5:

Line your waterline with black khol/kajal, leaving the inner corner naked.

Step 6:

Take a blue eyeshadow that matches your pencil or smudger brush. Apply it to the outside corner of the lower lash line, continuing the blue eyeliner toward the inner side.

Step 7:

Apply highlighter to the inner corner and tear duct area that we purposely left bare. It won't appear right until we follow the eye margins.

Step 8:

Curl and mascara eyelashes. This stage completes the appearance.

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