How To Apply Artificial Nail Tips At Home

Artificial tips
Nail glue
Manicure kit
Scissors or nail tip cutter

what you need

To begin, prepare your natural nails by washing your hands and removing any varnish, glue, or anything else using acetone.

Step 1

Cuticles should be pushed back.

Step 2

Now, lightly buff your natural nail to remove any sheen and moisture from it.

Step 3

If your natural nails are lengthy, trim the corners and cut them to improve the grip of fake nails.

Step 4

Take your time and select the correct size of tip that corresponds to the c-curve of the natural nail bed (from left to right). If the tip is a little too wide, you can file it down.

Step 5

Once you've decided on a tip, apply glue to the hollow part of the tip and then to the nails. Apply some pressure to avoid air bubbles. Take cautious because the glue is really sticky.

Step 6

Allow it to stay on for 30 seconds. Then, using a tip cutter or scissors, cut the tip a bit longer than the required length.

Step 7

Shape the artificial nail's tips and sides (to ensure a perfect fit on the nail bed). To finish, buff them.

Step 8

Don't buff natural nails; instead, only buff artificial tips. Do it slowly so you can see what you're doing and don't accidentally buff the entire artificial tip at the nail bed.

Step 9

Apply the base coat after cleaning your nails. Apply nail polish design; put nail art on the new long nails; and finish with nail primer for a tidy appearance.

Step 10

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