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How To Apply Artificial Nail Tips At Home

things you need

Artificial tips
Nail glue
Manicure kit
Scissors or nail tip cutter

Step 1

Wash your hands and remove any polish or adhesive with acetone to prepare your natural nails.

Step 2

Buff your natural nail lightly to remove sheen and dampness.

Step 3

Cut lengthy nails and clip corners for improved fake nail grip.

Step 4

The crucial step: nail tip size. If you pick the wrong size, it will look terrible. Take time to find the tip size that matches the natural nail bed's c-curve from left to right.

Step 5

Choose a tip, add adhesive to the hollow part, and adhere to nails. Pressure prevents air bubbles. Glue is sticky.

Step 6

Leave it on for 30 seconds. With a tip cutter or scissors, cut the tip a little longer than required. They'll be shorter after filing and shaping.

Step 7

To fit the nail bed, shape the artificial nail's tips and sides. Buff them.

Step 8

Start buffing lightly where the artificial tip meets the natural nail with your nail buffer. Only buff artificial nails.

Step 9

Clean your nail and apply base. Apply nail polish, do nail art, then finish with nail primer.

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