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How To Achieve The “No Makeup” Look

Selecting the Best Cleanser

Skin care starts with a clean slate. For best results, use a skin-type-specific cleanser. For instance, retinoids and salicylic acid dry skin.

Dry skin benefits from cleansing oils. Serum before moisturizer locks in hydration and delivers nutrients and antioxidants to your skin.

Skin Preparation

Primer gives moisture to your face, making your makeup seem dewy and radiant.

Priming your skin gives your makeup a moisturized basis, no matter how simple. Toners eliminate leftover pollutants after cleansing.

Make Use Of A Skin Tint

BB, CC, or tinted moisturizers give a natural glow without foundation. Exfoliating once a week for dry skin can offer you smooth, foundation-free skin.

Correctly conceal

Translucent powder can balance skin tone and provide better coverage than concealer.

Blend to avoid blotchy skin. Color-correcting concealer is ideal for these scenarios. To highlight your face, utilize concealer as a cream highlighter.

Brighten Things Up

After hydrating and covering, brighten your face. Apply highlighter or light eyeshadow to your inner corners.

Use it on your nasal bridge and cheekbones. Cream blushes give your cheeks a natural glow.

Make Your Eyes Pop

Finish your look with an eyelash curler and a lip color that complements your natural lip color.

To highlight your eyes, apply a little coat of mascara. Clear mascara enhances and conditions lashes with minimal makeup.

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