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How Often
Do Dogs Need to Pee?

Although many senior dogs have their bowel and bladder control well into old age, some become incontinent.

Reasons for this include but are not limited to impaired nerve function, loss of bladder control, and severe arthritis that prohibits the person from getting up regularly due to the discomfort.

If your dog's urine habits have changed, you should talk to your doctor about how to best help your pet. Consider the following examples of ideas:

Increase your awareness of your senior dog's urinating signals in the same way you would a puppy.

Since she is now a mother, she may need to adjust her elimination frequency from every six hours to every three or four hours.

Ensure she can easily reach restrooms if she needs to.

Help her go around the house easily by installing solid flooring.

If arthritic pain is an issue, consider trying medication.

When there are long stretches without access to outdoor space, dog diapers might be another option.

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