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Hottest Nail Polish Shades of the Season

Nude Blush: 

A sophisticated and adaptable shade. Improving the appearance of your nails.

Coral Crush: 

This pink shade is perfect for the warmer months.

Mint Green: 

A refreshing mint shade. It's a bright and cheerful shade, perfect for your nails.

Lilac Love: 

Lush and tender, lilac is the color of the season. It enhances the nail's femininity.

Metallic Silver: 

Nails with a metallic silver finish shine and are beautiful. It's a color that works equally well in business and pleasure.

Pastel Pink: 

Soft pinks never go out of style. Feminine and appropriate year-round.

Deep Berry: 

Shades of deep crimson are striking and dramatic. It's an elegant, dark shade perfect for nail polish.

Sunshine Yellow: 

Put on a shade of bright yellow. It's a joyful hue.

Ocean Blue: 

Explore a beautiful shade of blue that reminds you of the ocean and warm beach vacations. A tranquil summer shade.

Shimmering Gold: 

Use a gold nail polish to stand out. It's a great way to prep your nails for a big event!

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