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Hooded Eyes Makeup

step 1: Make Your Eyelids Perfect

Clean slate. After cleansing, moisturize. Eyeshadow primer both eyelids. Lightweight concealer can cover dark circles or pigmentation after eye primer.

step 2: Types of Eyelid Crease

This will show you how to make an eye-enhancing crease.

step 3: Zone of Loss

Find the eye's lost zone, the eyelid's secret center. Apply lost zone makeup along the lash line.

step 4: Zone discovered

Eye tails and inner corners are generally visible. Makeup the discovered zone above the lash line.

step 5: Create A Foundation

Light brown eyeshadow makes a neutral base. Use a blending brush to blend from the tear duct to the eye. Make an eye triangle.

step 6: Eyeshadow on the upper lash line

Large-brush lid shadow. Applying makeup while awake helps find your natural crease. Avoid eye-swelling makeup on the hood.

step 7: Liner in Gel

Apply gel liner following lost and found instructions. Soft brown or darker gel liner adds definition. Apply eyeshadow and eyeliner to lower lid outer corners.

step 8: Curl Your Eyelashes

Curl every lash using an eyelash curler. Tool-lift the hooded lid. If you're uneasy using tools on your eyes, gently lift the lid with your finger.

step 9: Lashes That Aren't Real

Match your artificial lashes to your natural ones. Cut lashes into smaller pieces instead of using them all. Individual lashes are also flattering.

step 10: Make use of mascara

Mascara blends fake and real lashes. Apply mascara vertically on bottom eyelid lashes.

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