Homemade Nail Soaks For Shiny Nails

Olive oil is a great natural remedy that is used in a lot of beauty items. It works wonders on broken, brittle nails. Warm up the olive oil, but don't let it get too hot.

Olive Oil For Nails

Now pour this into a bowl and dip your nails into the warm oil. Make the tub big if you're doing this for your toenails. After 2 minutes, take your hands out and put on some cotton gloves.

You can leave this for the night or for an hour, depending on what you want to do. After that, wash it off with clean water and keep it moist with a good hand and nail cream.

Don't have the time or just don't want to? Put your fears aside. Pour some warm milk into a bowl and use it to soak your nails.


Wait a few minutes and let the milk soak into your nails to feed them. Wash it off and use a nail cream or even a cold cream to keep it fresh.

Rose water mixed with mashed avocado can also be used as a nail soak. If you use this nail soak regularly, it will feed and condition your nails, making them stronger and less dry.

Rose Water

To have shiny nails, you need to feed them well. If you want your nails to be shiny, don't use nail paint with acetone in it. They are sure to make your nails weak and break.

Wear gloves when doing things around the house like washing clothes and cooking, which can cause your nails to peel. Consult your doctor about adding biotin and zinc vitamins to your healthy diet.

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