Highest Quality Proteins To Eat Every Day

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1. Eggs

The finest protein is eggs. Eggs provide the highest bioavailable amino acids. Eggs have a biological value of 100, meaning the body uses them efficiently.

Beef gets 80. Only whey protein (104 biovalue) is greater. Upton also recommends low-fat dairy, fish, and lean poultry.

2. Skinless Poultry Breast

Lean turkey breast is a strong source of B vitamins, which are required for DNA synthesis, energy generation, and brain development.

3. Salmon and Sardines

These fatty fish are some of the highest quality protein sources because they are packed with protein and naturally low in sodium and saturated fat.

4. High Quality Plant Proteins

Few plant proteins contain all nine necessary amino acids. Vegans and vegetarians should have a diversified diet.

5. Tofu

Tofu is a complete protein made via soaking, grinding, and crushing soybeans. A half-cup portion of firm tofu has 10 grammes of protein.

6. Pistachios

Another complete protein, pistachios are one of the snack nuts highest in protein content. They're also a good source of fiber and unsaturated fat.

All three nutrients combine to make pistachios a powerful appetite suppressant that can keep you from overeating.

7. Lentils

Lentils lack cysteine and methionine, but you can still eat them. They're a plant-protein powerhouse.

One cup includes 18 grammes of protein and 15 grammes of cholesterol-lowering fibre, a third of daily requirements. 

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