Health Benefits of Eating Peaches


Peaches may lessen your risk of heart disease, the leading cause of mortality in the U.S.

Peaches lower heart disease risk

 Higher consumption of peach pigments anthocyanidins and flavonoids was related with higher levels of "good" cholesterol and lower blood triglyceride levels, both of which lessen heart disease risk.

People with breast cancer may wish to eat more peaches. Peach polyphenols may prevent breast cancer development and metastasis.

Peaches may prevent breast cancer

 In fact, consumption of just two to three peaches per day may have a beneficial effect in limiting this type of cancer cells' growth.

Want to speed up your gut? Try peaches. A medium peach has 2g of fibre, which can assist your digestion.

Peaches aid digestion

Adding a few peaches to your normal diet may be all you need to keep your bones strong, rather than eating a lot of dairy.

Peaches lower osteoporosis risk

Potassium levels appropriate for bone health and osteoporosis risk reduction have been identified in a single peach, which provides around 6% of your daily required potassium intake.

Vitamin C is abundant in peaches, with each serving containing about 6 milligrammes of the substance.

Peaches alleviate respiratory disease symptoms

Vitamin C supplementation "fared much better" than a placebo in a trial of 57 older persons with bronchitis or pneumonia.

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