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Halo Eye Makeup

What You Need

Eyeshadow palette
Eyeshadow brushes
Brow pencil
False eyelashes or mascara
Gel eyeliner

step 1: Get Ready

Start fresh. Pre- and post-cleansing, toning, and moisturizing are different.

Priming your face and eyelids before applying makeup extends its wear. Conceal puffy eyes with concealer and powder.

step 2: Make the Fold

With a long-haired, fluffy blending brush, pack eyeshadow into the crease. Brush from your eye's outer corner inward. Smoke it by mixing colors.

step 3: Relocate to the outskirts

Blend a darker eyeshadow into the outside V. Apply shadow just below the eye crease. Using a clean brush, mix the eyeshadow again to remove harsh lines.

step 4: It's About Time We Turn Inward

Shading the interior margins makes your face look three-dimensional. With a small, pointed brush, apply the same eyeshadow to your inner corners.

step 5: Invent the ring of protection

Highlight time! Apply a lighter, brighter color (glitter or metallic) between the two darker spots on your eyelids with a little makeup brush.

A wet brush reduces fallout and improves eyeshadow quality.

step 6: Finishing Up

Use a small angled brush to apply gel eyeliner along the upper and lower lash lines. False lashes enhance your look. Always groom your brows!

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