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Hairstyles To Embrace for your Oily Hair

Baby braids

Since last summer, celebrities Instagram accounts have been featuring this '90s retro look for festival season. It's also useful for folks with oily front hair.


Pigtails are a great summer hairstyle alternative to ponytails. Pigtails offer youthful flair to any casual outfit, whether worn loose, braided, or embellished.

Claw clips

Besides being less harmful than rubber bands or scrunchies, clips may be used to create several adorable and easy hairstyles. Most of those styles will hide greasy hair.

Messy bun

Messy buns are among the most adaptable and popular hairstyles. The untidy bun's structure conceals greasy hair that may or may not require a wash.

Top knot

Like its sister, the traditional bun, the top knot is a flexible style that may rescue the day for anybody who wants a fast, elegant 'do with no effort.

Slicked back bun

This is your go-to style when you missed a wash day and can't wear your hair down. Oily hair may normally be styled without gel or mousse.

Subtle curls

Want a gorgeous long hairstyle despite greasy hair? Try curling your bottom hair. Curls will distract from oily hair roots.

Bubble braids

Bubble braids are the ultimate summer casual look. They're amusing and hide dirty hair. The fundamental style is simple to accomplish.

Space buns

Fisher's double-bun hairstyle in the first Star Wars trilogy inspired the term. In a galaxy far, far away, out-of-this-world style is still popular.

Bantu knots

Bantu knots are always cute and trendy for natural hair. The Zulu tribe of southern Africa invented it approximately 3,000 years ago.

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