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HairCuts That Will Complement Your Super Curly Hair

Keep ringlets long and level

First, maintaining curly hair long and level is easy. Tight curls are excellent for long, level curls since looser curls might give a triangle shape without layers.

Opt for a short, layered bob

Shorter looser curls might be rebellious, but that's not a dealbreaker. If you want a layered bob with looser curls, use curl-defining products first.

Or an ultra-voluminous layered bob

Your bob doesn't have to stay on your head—let it loose. A layered bob and minimal product will keep your curls voluminous and match your personality.

Don't ditch the side part

They look great on curly, voluminous hair, but we're not sure why. Part your curls to the side if the usual center part is too boring for you!

Clip back the bangs

Long curls may be a nuisance. Clip your bangs to the back of your head to fix this unpleasant issue. A little claw clip in your hair color adds a subtle touch.

Or let them frame your face

Let them frame your face. Shorter face-framing curly bangs look best on shorter to medium-length curly hair. Wear your hair down or tie it back to highlight your bangs.

Leave some front tendrils short

These are cute when left out of a bun, ponytail, or other updo, but they're especially fun when you let your hair down and let them frame your face.

Oval faces can pull off barely-there layers

Curly hair suits oval facial shapes. If you have an oval face shape, you may design a voluminous mid-length bob with barely-there layers.

Sweep it all to one side

Shorter hair can be pinned to the side, while longer hair can stay on its own. You won't wear this every day, but it'll make a statement.

Let it grow

Grow your curls if this is your philosophy. To minimize breakage and broken ends, you may need to take better care of your curls if you've failed to grow them out.

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