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Hair Clay for Men New Styling Go-To

Men have styled their hair with pomades for years. New hair styling tools and products like hair clay have expanded (and complicated) the options.

If you're unfamiliar with hair clay, it's time to learn about it. We explain hair clay for men and how to use it:

Hair clay is often thought of as a hair product used during washing. You're right—some clays treat hair. Some hair caretakers skip this step. Hair clay restores and strengthens hair

We're also obsessed with styling hair clay. Hair styling products are plentiful. This easy-to-use product is competing with hairstyling pomades.

Style dictates hair clay choice. Matte or shiny? Choose a matte or powdery hair clay for matte hair (or says that it provides a matte finish on your hair explicitly on the label).

Using hair clay is simple. It's applied to hair like styling pomade. AXE Adrenaline Spiked Up Look: Styling Putty is easy to customize and produces good results. 

Clay adds body and thickness without weighing hair down. Clays give hair texture and volume. Unlike pomades, they dry matte.

Pomades are water or oil-based ointments that make hair look neater. Ducktails, slick-backs, and comb-overs look great with medium to high shine. 

Finally, pastes are thicker than clays and pomades. Water-based shampoo removes it. Thicker pastes must be warmed before use.

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