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Hair Care Mistakes That Can Damage Hair Quickly

Overwashing Cycles

Overwashing damages hair shafts. Washing your hair too often removes its natural oils, leaving it dry, frizzy, and brittle. Breakage increases split ends.

Split ends require additional tweaking to look decent. Styling increases heat, and so on.

Drying Mistakes

Touch damp hair gently. Forgetting that wet hair is much weaker than dry hair is a common hair care blunder. Towel-dry your hair carefully, prevent rubbing, and air-dry if possible.

Brushing Horrors

Start brushing from the bottom and work your way up.

Tugging the brush through your hair and without using a detangling spray or cream to reduce friction are other brushing blunders.

If you encounter a knot, remove the brush and gently untangle it with a wide-tooth comb before proceeding. Brush type matters too.

Styling Nightmares

We discussed hair care blunders. Let's see how to style hair without damaging it. Most importantly, avoid excessive hairstyles.

Backcombing hairstyles can tangle and break it. Tight buns and high ponytails can pull hair and cause hair loss.

To avoid long-term hair damage, alternate these styles with looser ones or wear your hair loose.

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