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Grocery Chain Is Cutting Prices Of More Than 100 Items

As inflation leads food prices to climb and people cut back on meat and dairy, one grocery chain is slashing rates for customers.

$1 per item may not sound like much, but it adds up at the checkout. Price cuts include frozen pizza, tea, and lobster cakes.

Lidl, a grocery operator with 170 locations in nine states including Virginia, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, New York,

North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Washington D.C., plans to lower prices on more than 100 daily products starting September 28.

The price reduction will last through the fall and discounted products will rotate throughout the season. The retailer believes additional consumers would balance increased pricing.

Sample discounted products cost $1.29 to $6.75 and saved 20 cents to $1.04. Average price decreases were 11% (range: 10%-23%).

Lidl is recognised for offering everything consumers need or want at reduced prices. Lidl offers huge savings on luxury products and pantry essentials.

Wheat biscuits now cost $1.29, a 20-cent reduction that might mean the difference between buying something and not. Margherita Stone Oven Pizza costs $4.45, a $1.04 discount.

Lobster cakes, dessert bars, coffee, shrimp risotto, cold-pressed juice, and more are reduced. The Consumer Price Index shows grocery shop prices rose 13.5% year-over-year.

Lidl isn't the only chain offering deals. Dunnhumby, a consumer analytics organisation, ranked the supermarket chain sixth for best pricing.

Market Basket, Aldi, WinCo Foods, Grocery Outlet, and Save A Lot ranked barely ahead of Lidl.

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