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Green Smokey Eye Makeup

You Will Need

Black gel eyeliner
Emerald green eyeshadow

Gold-brown eyeshadow
Shimmery black eyeshadow
Gold eyeshadow
Fake lashes(optional)

step 1

Prepare the eyelids by priming, concealing, and filling in the brows. The smokey effect is completed by a strong brow game.

step 2

Apply a generous amount of black liner to the top and lower lashlines. Apply extra on the upper lash line and lid, as this will serve as the foundation for the smokey eye.

step 3

To the crease and above the crease, apply an emerald green eyeshadow. Blend it out with a fluffy brush to smooth out the lines. Also apply the green to the bottom lash line.

step 4

To apply above the crease, use a brown with yellow-golden undertones. This is a great transition tone from your skin to your eyeshadow.

step 5

By applying extra black to the center of the eyelid, you can intensify it. Because this is quite dark, use a gel-based product. A gel eyeliner would suffice.

step 6

Use a sparkly black eyeshadow to set the black gel. Apply this makeup under your eyes as well to ensure that everything is in place.

step 7

Highlight the inner corners of your eyes with gold shimmer makeup.

step 8

To finish off this stunning green smoky eye, use an intense black mascara and optional false lashes.

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