This Green Restaurant Chain Is Coming to U.S.

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The "greenest restaurant in Texas" wants to expand outside the Lone Star State. Thanks to a recent acquisition, it might become the "greenest restaurant in America."

Ampex Brands, a Pizza Hut, KFC, Taco Bell, Long John Silver's, and 7-Eleven franchisee, has bought Bellagreen, an eight-location bistro brand.

Ampex wants to expand Bellagreen, despite its tiny size compared to its other brands.

CEO Tabbassum Mumtaz said the eco-chain might soon be in "every major U.S. city."

Bellagreen is a green American cafe featuring seasonal meals and eco-friendly procedures. Its menu features locally-sourced burgers, pizzas, salads, and sandwiches.

The chain incorporates water-saving technology, alternative power sources, and eco-friendly furniture to decrease waste.

Bellagreen CEO Jason Morgan remarked, "We built it to make life and Earth more beautiful with every meal." "We're handing off the brand to a great entity that can maintain authenticity."

Ampex purchased Bellagreen on July 18. Only Houston and Dallas have the fast-casual.

Ampex is recognised for building its businesses and manages over 500 restaurants and 100 7-Elevens.

Last year, the firm bought Au Bon Pain, which had lost over half its stores under Panera Bread's parent company.

Ampex's expansion was boosted by a new NYC store that debuted last month.

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