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Gothic Eye Makeup

Things You Will Need

A concealer and foundation
A face compact
Eye shadow

Black liner pencil
Liquid Eye Liner
Lash Curler
Lash Comb

Step 1: Apply Concealer, Foundation and Compact

Conceal and foundation clean eyelids. Use a compact to finish. Make sure your skin is clean before applying makeup.

Step 2: Apply Silver Highlighter

Cosmetics with three layers. Easy gothic style. Start adding silver highlighter to your brows.

Step 3: Apply The Burnt Shimmer Grey

The next step is to apply the burned shimmer grey to the crease, which is located immediately below the brow bones. Blend well.

Step 4: Black matte eyeshadow

Now, take the black eye makeup with the matte finish, and apply it all over the lid. Be careful that you do not develop a wing shape.

Step 5: Apply black pencil liner

Black pencil liner the lower eyeshadow rim. Ensure the lower rim lining is wide. The appearance becomes gothic.

Step 6: Gothic Eyeshadow Look

The finished eye makeup should appear like this after it's all said and done.

Step 7: Mascara is best

While applying mascara to your upper lashes, work from the root to the tip, and while applying it to your lower lashes, use a zigzag motion.

Step 8: Clean Up Mascara

Makeup artists use a special brush called a mascara brush to remove any excess or clumps of mascara.

Step 9: Lashes Should Be Curled

This is the final result. Use a real light nude pink lipstick. To match the color, use a simple lip gloss and little lip makeup.

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