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Golden Rules Of Office Makeup

rule no. 1

Color and hue selection is the first rule of cosmetics. Makeup sets you apart from the office and other places you visit with friends and family.

rule no. 2

Because you won't have time to touch it up at work, make it last.

rule no. 3

Waterproof and low-maintenance materials are required. Touch-ups for out-of-office meetings should take 5 to 10 minutes, not 30 to 35 minutes.

rule no. 4

Keep a tiny amount of powder in your suitcase for touch-ups. Purchase makeup from renowned brands that do not cause allergies.

rule no. 5

Conceal your dark circles with concealer to brighten your eyes rather than make them appear tired.

rule no. 6

Check that you're not cakey. Keep your office makeup minimal.

rule no. 7

Maintain skin and body hydration. Makeup cracks and smears less on moisturized skin.

rule no. 8

Avoid extreme temperatures that could harm your skin. Water promotes skin health and balance.

rule no. 9

Always keep blotting wipes in your backpack. Apply makeup the night before to avoid confusion in the morning.

rule no. 10

Before applying mascara, curl your lashes. Rub ice on your lips before applying lip gloss.

rule no. 11

Set your makeup with a little layer of setting spray or powder if you work long hours.

rule no. 12

Finally, a formal clothing and little jewelry are sufficient to begin your workday.

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