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Golden Rules Of Friends With Benefits

Set Limits

This discussion should cover how you two behave in public, whether you'll tell people about your relationship, and how often you'll hang out. 

Stay Calm

No-strings friendship isn't for the faint-hearted. Given the intimacy, emotions will rise. However, you must prevent these feelings from affecting your laid-back relationship. 

Safe Intimacy

This guideline must be stressed. Safe intimate practices are much as important if partnering is non-exclusive. It's about preventing pregnancies and STDs for both of you. 

Stay Free

Be yourself while enjoying this unusual relationship. Two autonomous entities have a casual, no-commitment relationship.

Balance Matters

Finding the right mix between friendship and intimacy is important to a successful "stringless" relationship. Remember why you started this journey together. 

Truth Is Best

Transparency and honesty are crucial in no-commitment relationships. Be honest with yourself and your spouse. 

Share Space

Physical and emotional boundaries must be respected. 

No Jealousy

Jealousy may wreck many relationships, making them unstable. Because your relationship is non-exclusive, you must accept that your partner may be seeing other people. 

It's Not a Normal Relationship

It's easy to get into romantic relationship routines like expecting constant emotional support or time commitment. 

Maintain Friendship

It's important to remember the "friends" part of a friends-with-benefits relationship despite the physical proximity and exhilarating excitement.

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