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Foolproof Ways To Dry Your Nail Polish Faster

It should be frozen

What You Need: A bowl of cold water
Ice cubes

Step 1

Fill a bowl with cold tap water, ice cubes, and set it aside before painting your nails. Before dipping your nails in the bowl, let the polish set for 2–3 minutes.

Step 2

Hold them for 3–5 minutes. Water beads on your nails when you withdraw your hands from the bowl. This indicates dry polish.

Make Use Of A Blow Dryer

What You Need: A hair dryer with adjustable settings


Plug in and set your hair dryer to cold. After painting your nails, use the dryer in tiny circles for 2–3 minutes. Use caution to avoid blowing ripples into your finish.

Apply some cooking oil

What You Need: PAM Original No-Stick Cooking Spray

step 1

Paint your nails and spritz them with cooking spray while they are still wet.

step 2

Keep the can roughly 30 cm away from your hand. This prevents the power of the spray from smudging the wet polish.

step 3

Allow a few moments before washing your hands with cold water.

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