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Flattering Haircuts Will Make Thin Hair Look Fuller

Choppy layers and bangs provide texture and complexity to hair. Taylor Swift's shaggy cut inspires.

Sandra Bullock's long, straight look is perfect. Long layers are wonderful for thin hair because they maintain thickness while adding movement around the face.

Twiggy's shoulder-length cut is as elegant as her 1960s pixie cut. Fine hair gets texture from gentle layers and piecey bangs.

Curl shoulder-length hair for quick volume. Teasing enhances Meg Ryan's natural waves.

Selena Gomez's angled bob or lob works for thin hair. This style is easy to maintain for straight hair. You'll always look elegant after combing it!

Try Emma Watson's faux bob if you want a bob but aren't ready to commit. Tucking your hair beneath creates fullness.

"The Rachel" is not for thin hair. Jennifer Aniston's recent face-framing overlays will give dimension and movement.

Copy Diane Keaton! Soft layers offer your bob length and volume without excess hair.

To refresh straight hair, try Kelly Rowland's sleek, chin-length haircut. For volume, part it.

Pixie cuts are timeless. A jagged pixie like Natalie Portman's can lend volume to sparse hair.

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