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Five Guys Cuts Its Hot Dogs

According to the firm, the first Five Guys debuted in Arlington, Virginia, in 1986. Jerry Murrell and his four boys choose a company over college when given the opportunity.

Five Guys is known for its made-to-order burgers, peanut-oil-drenched skin-on fries, and diner-like ambience. Sandwiches, hot dogs, and milkshakes are also available.

Five Guys is a popular restaurant for families and people who desire straightforward American meals. What makes Five Guys' hot dogs special? 

Their originality comes from how they're cooked and presented, not their formula. Five Guys hot dogs feature a signature longitudinal split. How does this incision effect the ultimate result?

Five Guys' hot dogs are divided before grilling for a purpose. The firm has often explained its unique hot dog strategy.

In September 2022, the brand Instagrammed a grilled cheese sandwich. One user asked a non-product-related question "Please explain why Five Guys cuts hot dogs.

How? It's vital." "Cutting the hot dog ensures consistent cooking and caramelization," the company said.

Five Guys' website defines the frank as a "all-beef hot dog, split and grilled lengthwise with any toppings." Simple, no?

How do people feel about this method? Error? Customers' opinions on hot dogs are just as split. The Savage Wiener's James Lowenstern likes the butterfly approach.

"The magic occurs when you load up the new slit with toppings." Others are upset" unwillingly studied a Five Guys hot dog in January 2021. "What's this?" he asked.

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