Fitness Tips for Woman Over 50

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weight lifting

Weightlifting may be the greatest approach for older women to stay healthy and prevent fat accumulation.

Several 2009 research showed 70-year-old women growing muscle by exercising weights 2–3 times a week.

regular walking

Walking regularly improves cardiovascular fitness, weight control, and mood.

do HIIT workout

Interval exercise boosts fitness. It's efficient yet difficult. Start gently and quit when you're winded to maximize interval training's advantages and limit risk.

do core excercises

Core strength frequently declines first as we age and become less active. Improper body mechanics and alignment caused by

weak core strength can lead to various physical aches and pains. Poor core strength causes sore backs, hips, knees, and necks.

eat protein enough

Older women don't receive enough protein to maintain muscular mass.

Since it's not stored, protein—the body's main building block—must be replaced periodically. Complete or incomplete protein.

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