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Fast-Food Menu Items Pack The Most Calories


Big bacon cheddar cheeseburger, triple: 1,440 calories

Pizza Hut

The Meat Lover’s personal 9-inch pizza is 1,470 calories. 

Dairy Queen

Several of the large-size blizzards and shakes are over 1,100 calories, with some over 1,400 calories.


Monster Double Thickburger: 1,400 calories.

Five Guys

At Five Guys, a large order of fries packs 1,314 calories.

Panera Bread

A lobster mac & cheese served in a bread bowl: 1,270 calories

Burger King

A triple Whopper with cheese: 1,220 calories


Chipotle's build-your-own nutrition lists ingredients. A flour tortilla, rice, beans, meat, salsa, cheese, and sour cream are in a 740-1,210-calorie burrito.


The 10-piece chicken livers is 1,190 calories, the mac & cheese is 850 calories.

Sonic Drive-In

Some of the large-size Sonic Blast frozen drinks are over 1,400 calories.

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