Fast-Food Chains Most Criticized By Customers

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Total reviews: 1,550
% of one-star reviews: 62%

Poor cleanliness and confused, disinterested personnel are regular KFC complaints. One consumer stated, "We couldn't eat a bite." Oily, aged, and stinky.


Total reviews: 521
% of one-star reviews: 63%

The sample size is smaller. Given the turmoil Chipotle has had in the previous decade, it's not surprising that over half of the reviews are one star.


Total reviews: 586
% of one-star reviews: 64%

Customer: "Good service appeared... We found chicken strips on our receipts. Multiple relatives were affected. Unreliable."


Total reviews: 1,194
% of one-star reviews: 65%

Domino's offers several positives, including its locations and hours. Pizza delivery is virtually always available, which works in the restaurant's favour.

Pizza Hut

Total reviews: 1,644
% of one-star reviews: 66%

Pizza Hut is outperforming Domino's. Reviews suggest that everyone is out-pizza-ing the hut in terms of service. Slowness and incompetence are client concerns, but so is hygiene.

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