Fast-Food Chain's Coffee Packs 20% More Caffeine

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Dunkin' has three new coffee beverages, one of which has more caffeine for less money—but only temporarily.

The fast-food company will start selling a coffee with 20% more caffeine tomorrow.

Green coffee extract gives Extra Charged Coffee a caffeine boost. 

Medium-sized cups of the invigorating coffee drink are $2 through Jan. 26.

Dunkin' Midnight is the brand's darkest roast, having a "rich, smooth, full-bodied taste" and "decadent chocolate undertones" The coffee drink will be everlasting and decaf.

The Explorer Batch (according to its name) plans to stay briefly.

 Medium roast coffee is for the daring and out-of-the-ordinary, meaning most of us after 2020.

The mix is the first of Dunkin's new Limited Batch Series and features dark cherry overtones and a smokey finish. Meaning? 2021 will bring additional limited-edition coffees.

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